Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fruits Enzyme

Fruits Enzyme
(For a start, I dunno the actual name of this concoction, so I'll stick to "Fruits Enzyme" until I can think of a better name...)
Just wanna share this easy-to-do drink that one can make at home... 15 days is all it takes to create this drink out of just sugar and fruits... tastes like wine and helps detox your body~

What you need:
a) 6 Apples
b) 1 Glass Jar (2litres size)
c) Brown Sugar
d) Food wraps
e) Knife
f) Ladle
g) Fruits Knife
h) Rubber Band

Shred off the skins of the apples...
then chop them up into little cubes with a fruits knife...... into something like these...
2 Litre Glass Jar (bought from IKEA)... Impt - Make sure its dry.
Brown Sugar... available in most supermarts...
Place a layer of fruits into the Glass Jar...
then cover the fruits with a layer of Brown Sugar...... then place another layer of fruits...
... followed by another layer of Brown Sugar...
... until the Glass Jar is almost full (approx. 6 apples is enough)
... Finally, cover the top with a last layer of Brown Sugar~... like this...
then cover the top of the Glass Jar with a layer of plastic Food Wraps and hold it down tightly with a rubber band~ that's the end of Stage 1~ place the Glass Jar at a cool dry place for 5 days...
After 5 days... peel off the Food Wraps and give the contents a little stir to mix the contents. Then cover the Food Wraps back. That's end of Stage 2~
*Note: If you notice the top layer starting to become moldy, simply scoop off the moldy portions.*
For Stage 3~ simply wait for another 10 more days (after you've stirred the contents on the 5th day).
You'll start to notice that the pure juices from the fruits has begin to react with the brown sugar...The end-product would be these juices~ You may then peel off the Food Wraps and pour out the contents... both the Fruits and the Juices can be consumed...Drink the juices in small amounts... its tastes alcoholic and is extremely sweet~This "Fruits Enzyme" juices helps to detoxify your body~ drink them in moderation and you'll notice that your bowels move extremely well~ ^^"
Works well with most juicy fruits~I've tried Mandarin Orange and Dragon-Fruit version already~ Of course, you can even mix different types of fruits together~ like these pineapples and apples in the picture below~
Now... if I can get my hands on some durians...

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