Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nude Amok in Imperial Palace

Nude Amok in Imperial Palace
Via Sankei and SankakuComplex:
Original quote from Sankaku:
A naked man of non-Japanese extraction has assailed the very moat of the Imperial Residence, driving back terrified Japanese police with either his nudity, or a series of rocks and other items he picked up.

The man, apparently a Spanish speaker, was spotted diving into the extravagent moat which surrounds the Emperor’s residence in central Tokyo, and police were rapidly summoned.

In total he spent an hour and a half in the moat, and repeatedly drove off police with rocks, splashed water, and quite possibly his nakedness.

As you can see, he is eventually taken without resistance.

On investigation, he was found to have apparently dropped an item into the moat and then gone in to retrieve it. Just why he behaved so strangely is not clear.

Whilst police may have been upset by the man, onlookers were delighted. “There’s a funny thing you don’t see every day” said one lady spectator.

Via Sankei.

Whilst it may be a comical spectacle, once again police perhaps deserve praise for their patience and restraint in not shooting the man out of hand or beating him into submission, although perhaps they took this a little far.

You may also note the rather medieval weaponry they sport…

Q: Yea, those U-fork were meant for suppression use. "Very traditional" indeed.

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