Saturday, October 11, 2008

Japanese Only

Japanese Only
via Dannychoo and TokyoTimes:

Tokyotimes spots a Maid Cafe in Nakano, Tokyo (duh) with this sign on the door.
Quoted from Tokyotimes:
The contrived cosplay-themed compliance of Japan’s forever multiplying number of maid cafes means that they are something of an acquired taste to say the least. But on a cool and damp autumnal day, the warm glow of this maid-related getaway does look rather inviting.

However, with a price list based on time and not tea, it’s fair to say that soapy sojourns rather than sugary snacks are very much the order of the day.

Hence the age requirements.

Q: and in case curiosity got the better of you, their website is written clearly on the lightbox above -

Just a note of caution - NSFW (Not. Safe. For. Work).

And before I end off my comments, here're a couple of my last words:
- thats another reason for me to learn Japanese...
- I wonder if I'd pass off as a Japanese...
- Singaporean men are missing so much fun...

OK! Snap out of it~

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