Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've been taking lotsa pictures with my phone over the month and I thought I'd share out these random photos I took while outside.

9 October 2008
@ Foch Rd. Just thought I'd take a picture of my car while I'm waiting for my dad... (look at the reflections!) Anyways, my dream car is a Porsche; will drive one, one day.
@ Golden Mile Complex. Canvas shoes at S$1.00. Dun say I never tell you...
11 October 2008
@ Marina Square's Pariss International Seafood Buffet. Dinner with TonicBabe. $97 for 2 pax. Worth the deal. Oysters, Crabs, Prawns, Scallops, and most importantly Ebi Tempura!
15 October 2008
@ Specky Western Food, Blk 820, Tampines Street 81. Thomas's (a.k.a. the Evil Cook; Self-proclaimed) friend opened a Western Food store there. I was invited down (more like cheated down) there to patronize the opening. Ordered grilled fish. Good stuff! 4 stars out of 5 stars (there's nothing perfect in the world). Forget Austons'; I hate queuing, and food sux when the chef rushes.
17 October 2008
@ the Vets. Took Pappy to the Vets to get treated for "Hot Spots". Minor cut + baterial infections resulted in the wound getting infectioned and spreaded. So was left with no choice but to have the Vet cropped off his hair so as to properly clean the wound. Veterinarian was a sweet girl~ and the bill was a sweet S$75.oh, while waiting, I fell more in love with Cats. There was this poster at the glass panel at the clinic...

Tiger Cat. Cute.
18 October 2008
@ Changi Airport Terminal 1, 6:00 am in the morning. Sent mum off to Hunan, China. Motivation to send her off at the airport - BURGER KING'S Enormous Omelette Sandwich! Love it!
24 October 2008
In my room. Pappy was in a happier mood already. Enjoying his milk-bone.26 October 2008
@ Hougang Green's B-Box KTV, till 2:00am the next day..."Nah Si Wa Wu Ji Pah Bahnn~~" 27 October 2008
@ Suntec Carrefour, 10:51am. I love taking colourful pictures. @ Eastpoint NTUC, 3:43pm. Grocery Shopping with Mum. Seldom see Crabs in all their glory in the waters - untied and free to roam about. 28 October 2008
@ No.93 Defu Lane 10. Got nothing to do, so drive around and decided to recce out Seafood Paradise. Striking blue and yellow building. You wouldn't miss it. Then went to one of my favourite toy store to pre-order Nendoroid Yoshika Miyafuki. then hands itchy, so thought I'd try out one of these boxes of Nendoroid Petit series of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"... random puchi Nendoroid inside.... and I got Haruhi~! Yay~ oh, and I picked up a set of these too~! Baby Sesame Street Characters! Kawaii deshou?! Gonna give them away... (The black stuff underneath is my handphone case). 29 October 2008
@ East Coast Starbucks. Coffee. Hot. Only hot. @ Void deck. Neighbour's cat. Love it. 30 October 2008
@ Suntec Carrefour again. Pondering very hard whether anot I should buy these sushi. These sell at very cheap prices toward day-end.


Anonymous said...

Cats are lovely! <3

[Q] said...

Thanks! I love those cats!
and thanks for visiting my blog =D