Monday, October 27, 2008

Figurine Photography

Figurine Photography
Well, following my last post on Figurine Photography... this picture of Hatsune Miku Nendoroid below, which I took in a oh-so-very-nice-cafe was probably the most satisfactory shot of all my figurines till date. 

Got such a shot purely by luck, using my not-worth-mentioning Casio EX-Z600 digital camera. 
I just happened to be in the cafe at the right timing, with the right amount of sun light from outside the windows and many many other by-luck factors.

But just to show some extremely fine examples of how good those experts are with their SLRs / DSLRs........

Below pictures from HAPPYSODA: Do check out the awesome website!

Ryuna of Shining Tears x Wind
Pictures speaks for themselves. I am too noobie to comment. They just wow me so much.
Blanc Neige of Shining Tears x Wind
the mirror-usage is ingenious!
and not forgetting DIAS LEONG's shots  (click for more pictures!)
Shuraki - Akatsuki Mishiro
I am so gonna get a DSLR for myself.... love taking photos... xD

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dias said...

Yoyo! Thanks for promoting me in ur blog!! Go get urself a DSLR!!! Just a few practice, ur pics gona SHINE!! U have collection for ya to start with! Trust me is worth the investment!