Sunday, August 24, 2008

China Olympic Adidas Jackets

China Olympic Adidas Jackets

(BEIJING, July 15) -- Chinese medalists at the 2008 Olympic Games will wear tailored uniforms featuring the colors red and yellow and a "lucky cloud" pattern, according to Xinhua.

Red and yellow are the dominant colors of the Chinese national flag.

Designed by the Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology and made by Worldwide Olympic Partner Adidas, the suits were selected from more than 2,000 entries in an international design contest over a year's time.
Ma Jilong, director of the sports equipment center under the General Administration of Sport of China, lauded the uniforms for their elegance and aesthetic quality.

Adidas has tailored the uniforms for every competing Chinese athlete, manufacturing an unprecedented 17 sizes for heights ranging from 1.40m to 2.26m. The suits are handmade.

Above: Girl's cute~!

It was reported that every athlete will be given two suits, one for the victory ceremony and the other for their personal collection.

Olympic diving champion Gao Min gave a thumbs-up to the outfits, saying they feature the auspicious atmosphere of the Olympic Games and reflect the spirit of Chinese athletes.

Q: I so very much wanted to get my hands on these beautifully designed victory track jackets by Adidas of China's Athletes... saw it on TV and its love at first sight! But it appears very much limited edition...

Guess I can only keep a look out for any of those athletes auctioning them online, or wait for someone with lotsa guts to go "chiong" this design out!

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Anonymous said...

hey man I just ran across this post while trying to ascertain some information about this track jacket i have. brand new, with tags, and exactly the one described in your post. you say you're interested in purchasing on, lucky you, this one is for sale. size XL. please let me know either way

thanks alot

-Mike Given

[Q] said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your offer.

I have a pretty much small asian frame, so my clothes are mostly S to M sized. XL is beyond me. I reckon the jacket will probably look nicer on someone who can fit them in nicely.