Friday, August 15, 2008

Beckham in a Pitch

Original post by Jeslyn Wong. (Dun say I never give credits ya~)
Stumbled upon her blog and found lotsa funny stuffs there.
Do visit her blog: Singapore Girl @ Berlin

Hot and Sexy Cheerleaders parading right in front of Beckham...
Beckham steals a glance...
(Q: How NOT to see? Its right in front of him! Those white hot pants and toned bon-bon! err.. Thunder-thigns though...)

Beckham felt a murderous intent beside him... Victoria's jealous! Hmmpf~!
Victoria gives the cold shoulder! Beckham's gonna be sleeping in the living room that night~

Q: Ho ho ho... I guess such things happens everywhere and between every couples. As a guy, I say, if you wanna steal such eye-candy, dun get caught... if you get caught, well you've got to put your coaxing skills into exercise!

As for the girls, come on... its natural to get jealous and angry that your guy's salivating over some cheerleaders in those sexy uniforms~ but when a whole group of them is performing right in front, how not to see? Shut your eyes until they are gone? Situational-wise, Beckham ought to be forgiven isn't it?

Guess it time Victoria should put on some of her sexy skin-tight clothing and seduce his hubby back~ wahahaha

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