Friday, August 15, 2008

Make a choice 3

Make a choice 3
something for the guy-readers...

(Original post by Dannychoo)

You are in Akihabara at Asobit Game when all of a sudden there is a tsunami warning. You have 5 seconds to choose a DVD which will act as a float to keep you alive.The 3D girl is Moe-chan and the 2D girls are from the eroge Elf Hime - click on "sample CG" to see the NSFW shots.

Q's choice: Moe-Chan. She's so kawaii~!

Q's mind:
I honestly tell you, when I am overseas, I make it a point to visit their video stores no matter what -- Because they usually sell stuffs that Singapore doesn't. Take my last trip to Taipei for example, I got [色。戒。starring Tony Leung] - Director's Cut - but never really got the chance to watch the show cuz the disc is destroyed... (long story, which I have gotten over)

As for the above topic... Adult Video Stores are a fun place to enter. One might say that such stores wun survive because such videos are abundance on the Internet. I only have one sentence to offer - "The joy is not in watching the content, its in the buying and owning".

No, its not just those cheapo-plastic-wrapped pirated DVDs, I am referring to those ORIGINAL Adult DVDs in their original casing.

Question: Have you bought any adult videos?
Q: Nope, none yet, but will buy if I have the chance. Just bringing it back into Singapore and risk getting caught at the customs is refraining me from doing so...

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