Friday, August 29, 2008



Alright, for those who are perfume users, or those who has intention of buying perfume anytime soon (be it for yourself or to others as gift), take note...
Warehouse Sales... all these brands you see below...
Below: Ferragamo incanto dream

Retailing at S$100+ at the shopping malls...
This "TESTER" box is only selling at $45. Yes~! That's S$45!

All of you out there should know they always place a Tester-bottle at the display counter. What you can get off here, is the actual thing without a doubt, just that its the TESTER bottle; comes in the dull-brown box, and the perfume bottle is without the cap.

But HECK! Who cares! What's important is the perfume smell. The bottle stays at home, cap or no cap, it does not matter.

(Close friends of mine would notice the desktop in my room; Yep, I took this picture, cuz my sis bought it)
Then again, if you want to buy the product in its proper packaging (in its beautifully wrapped box and comes with the bottle cap), you can still get it at S$65 (yes, you pay an extra $20 for just the useless cap and the box). Still, its much cheaper than the $100+ at the shopping malls!

Below: Little Vials of vaporiser and EDT (samples)
Since I was there, I picked up the below for S$1 each (although they are samples and not meant for sale), minimum have to buy 3 pieces. But the selection there was ALOT! So I just picked any 3 that caught my eyes~ just try out, and if I like them, I'll return and get the bigger bottle~


10 Ubi Crescent Lobby B, #07-30, UBI TECH PARK
Opens: Mon - Sat 11:00am - 6:00pm

Tip: When you reach level 7, just let your nose do the finding... you can't miss the perfume smell...

For those driving, you can park your vehicle across the road (inside UBI INDUSTRIAL PARK), its free parking inside.

Note: Permanantly open until stocks run out. No specific sale period.

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