Saturday, April 26, 2008

Distinction... AGAIN! 2

Attended class today and my lecturer distributed a note from Dr. Gabby Walters, our Monash Unit Coordinator for MKW 3444 International Marketing... the note generally praised some of the works of Singapore students, and for writing good English since it was a second language to us... (I laughed from within; in Singapore, to some people... its their ONLY language.)

The note also warned of some students who blatantly left out any forms of referencing; which is a serious plagiarism offense. I was thinking to myself: "Who will be so loose-screwed to not use referencing, considering this is already a 3rd year subject?"... during breaktime, I took the opportunity to hop over the office counter to collect back my assignment-one...
... and as I slowly read through the marker's comments, I arrived at the last page of my assignment to see this comment: "Reference list?"... HOLY COW! I searched through my entire assignment and true enough, my reference list was nowwhere to be found. And I remembered painstakingly typing and formatting all the references! I must have been so engrossed organizing my Appendices that I left out printing the Reference List!
Ha! Good thing my main text has the necessary citations and referencing, so its only a missing page for me. My end grade: "DISTINCTION"! Whoohoo!

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