Friday, April 04, 2008

Day at Work 1...

Just started work on a rather ironic day - April Fool's Day...
Been busy with work and my school projects, hence lots blog stuffs were on delayed.

Here's my office's exterior; no signboards despite my firm has its own in-house signboard production crew. If your eyes are sharp enough, you should notice the company's name on the lorry's side... Above at the balcony are 2 chairs... smoking area... cool eh?

Upstairs at the office floor, this is the scene the moment you step out from the lift... comfy sofa and a neat coffee table. Shoes goes off from here onwards, so the carpets inside are oh-so-soft~

The office floor; the "feel" here resembles very much like my poly days in Marcom lab. Simply love it! Beyond that black partition is the designer's absolute territory.
Designer count: 01. Hiring another soon.

Here's the lovely table that I'll be getting soon! Glass top with metallic and crome structure. My boss just got the production crew to go out and buy another couple of these tables from vHIVE. Woo hoo!

Here's the production guys place + the pantry and washroom.

My table's still in the box, to be assembled up soon. The feeling of getting a totally brand new table is just cool~

This is my temporary desk. No frills. The sales director kept apologising and explaining that the office is still undergoing renovations; just moved in 2 months ago. Renovations is 65% completed.

Drew up a floorplan (as far as I can recall from just 3 days there). Pardon my lousy drawings.
Will post more pictures in time to come!

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