Sunday, July 29, 2007

Zodiac zodiac~

Zodiac compatibiltiy chart! (picture taken from a particular website and modified).

3 thumbs of rule:
a) Equilateral Triangle = compatible (denoted in Green)
b) Square = Turbulent (denoted in Red); its not "Not Compatible", just lots of turbulent.
c) Directly opposite = Most compatible if opposite gender; Most turbulent if same gender (denoted in Blue)

Ah-Kent's . . .
WL's. . .

The rest of the signs that falls outside of these 3 categories are simply "Neutral" people who are fated enough to have crossed your path.
Just a rough 65% accurate (in my context) guide lah~ not to be taken seriously . . .
Oh, just a little history. . . I learnt this from FF-tactics guide book (the creators of the game did some proper research); so for those who are still playing this game. . . take note:
1) Ally-Characters who are compatible: e.g. Mage casting heal on injuried ally tends to recover more HP for the injuried ally.
2) Enemy-Characters who are compatible: Your thief will have a higher probability of a success-steal if stealing from a compatible enemy; OR your ally will have tendency to deal critical strike on compatible enemy.
Tip: Go find out the zodiac sign of that vampiric character wearing the full-set of Genji (Sword, armor, guantlets, shield, shoes, etc). Then train a thief character most compatible in stealing this incredible Genji set.

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