Friday, July 06, 2007


Woot~! woot woot~ wooooooot~~~~~!

Yea, there was a period of time where the internet gaming realm is filled with this "woot" thingy. . . even I was influenced to a point where "woot" became my standard greeting message every time i enter the gaming arena.

BUT! What does "woot" exactly means? Someone asked me this question before and I dunno how to answer him. . . its like the "leh" "lor" "wor" "lah" "mah" in the Singlish language. . .

Ah~ now I know. . . my colleague gave me a very valuable information. "Woot" orignates from the early Counter-Strike era (was its Rainbow-6?) when 2 sides of team pit against one another. . . where the winning team will go . . .


We Ownz Other Team!

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