Sunday, July 22, 2007

Remedial Training Day 3. . .

Bloody early sunday morning. . . bad start. . . had gone to wash car the night before, then this morning rain! (=_=)

Then forgot to take my mini-snicker bar meant for breakfast before the training. . . reach Bedok FCC then realised. Damn! I hate doing things on an empty stomach. Hunger is the number ONE thing that can make me lose my temper.

Rainy morning so training begins indoor first in the multi-purpose hall. Stupid PTI thinks everyone knows their abbreviations... during In-Pro, they went: "go MPH, go MPH~" first thing on my mind went: "Bookstore? Where?".

Then curse those late-comers. . . come early, start early, then chop chop end early, then can balek-kampung le mah~ those idiots waste time only...

PTI started with some lame warm-ups that didn't even break a sweat in me. Then wait and wait and wait. . . by the time actual training starts its 10 mins later liao~ the warm-up ma-chiam no point. . . then its some static exercise that is even more lame...

Ah~ next is chin-up regime!
Realisation 1: I mounted the bar and realised that I have not recovered from last Tuesday's training! Totally ZERO-fighter. OMG. . . hope I will be okay by the coming Tuesday. Geez. . .

Next-up, Running! yay! Favourite~
It was interval training, so its sprint 1 round, rest 15 secs, then sprint again~ 1st round 1min 40 sec, GOOD.
Realisation 2: Then pun-chek liao~ Realised my legs are whobbly after the 1st round, dunno why. Too hungry? or have not recovered from last Tuesday's 2.4km run? 2nd round was 2min 10 sec, and 3rd round was 2min 40 sec. . . then stitches set in. . . argh! drank too much water~ lucky PTI said: "okay~ last round last round and thats it for the day!".

I was like: "sure? last round?" showing PTI my index finger indicating "1 last round?".
PTI: "yea, last round! you can do it! come on sir, your shoes so nice, show me they are good!".

4th round: 2min flat~ xD I have a weakness for compliments~

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