Wednesday, July 04, 2007


That’s what I think gonna materialize in time to come.
Because the plot left room for a part 2 (or there even a plot? It’s the same old story alright~). Megatron was fused with that cube / heat-source thingy (man I forgotten what its called), I mean its one hot stuff, and you dump him (was it a him? Funny how come there’s no GIRL transformer, like one in a candy-pink Porsche or something. . . alrite~ pink is stereotypical thinking. . . *slap myself*) back into the depths of the ocean . . . in ONE piece. . . wtf? (couldn’t the US have reverse-engineer that stuff?)

Well, that hot stuff in his chest’s probably gonna keep him warm throughout the dip. . .

I guess he’s gonna come back with more force . . . I remember Deceptorcons (was it spelt this way?) do come in Marine versions. . . (no, that was the Japanese version – Transformers Masterforce, my favourite).

Reminds me of “Terror from the Deep”, this X-COM series. Part one was Enemy Unknown, and part two was “Terror from the Deep”, where the Aliens now return from the depths of the oceans instead of having had crash-landed on land. . . well they crashed into the oceans in part one and no one’s heard of them since. . . whew, it’s the best PC game I have ever played all these years. Replay value is 1000%. You can play 10 times and will never get sick of this game.

Well, back to Transformers, I guess the one logical reality reason is because I dun expect the computer graphics team to just disband like this after just one movie. There’s probably gonna be more projects for them lined up. Transformers still has lotsa characters haven turned up yet. Especially those that can morph and combine into an even larger unit. That’s gonna be really cool.

Kudos especially to the music effects team.

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