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January 2009: Part 2

January 2009: Part 2

19 January 2009
@ Bedok Central. This is right in front of the NTUC Fairprice... huge pillar with all the 12 Chinese Zodiac readings for the year 2009~!I snapped photos of the Rooster~ hee... Click picture to enlarge. U can also save the picture and enlarge it to 200% for a better view. Drop me a message and I'll email u the original sized photo. Will deleted the photo by March.Reached home... Received one of three hampers~ this one is addressed to me~! Comes in a beautiful treasure chest with a bottle of wine and wat-have-you, but most importantly~ got abalone~! keke
21 February 2009

@ Home.
Manage to trick Pappy into PuiPui's cage... closed the door and trapped Pappy in. For the record, PuiPui (my rabbit) knows how to lift the cage door up and open the cage. These 2 furry friends are so adorable aren't they?Absolutely no idea what made mum cooked all these corns... Sis wanted Corn-in-a-cup with butter and salt, so mum cooked the entire packet... I had a big bowl of corns that afternoon...Dinner @ ChompChomp~
Notice that coin below? Look closer and see that its a 50cents coin. Yes, this is a colossal mug of sugar cane juice... love it~Chicken Wings~ a must have at Chomp Chomps~ squeeze the lime over them~ marvelous~@ Void deck of my block
Love this kitty~ she will go meow meow meow sweetly when u stroke her~ kawaii~
22 January 2009

@ Simei Eastpoint NTUC Fairprice.
It've been shopping for groceries NON STOP over the week... its the pre-CNY rush to stock up the fridge and stores with all the CNY goodies and food... its Giants, NTUC, Giants, Giants, NTUC, Giants, NTUC, NTUC, Giants, NTUC, Giants, Giants......This is the day's purchases... one trolley full...
@ Home.
Mum and Sis' attempt at home-made Samosas... Failed. So they rolled them into Popiah shapes instead... Potato and Curry filling~ Yum~Realised I can trap Pappy in the Kitchen with just these boxes of packet drinks... @ the Shell Petrol Kiosk Car Wash drive-thru... had a good buddy to polish the car with me after that~ Clean up the car for CNY~!@ Blk 802 Tampines Ave 4
Had a drink and a plate of Fried Oyster after the car polishing. Fried Oyster there was supposedly famous. In my opinion - FAIL. Too many orders resulted in rush job. Following day, stomach had the runs - MAJOR FAIL, I'll never eat there again.

23 January 2009
@ Changi Airport Terminal 2, Sakae Sushi restaurant
Simple dinner with Xiao P, Botak, Honda, Thomas, and 小妹~

24 January 2009
Spring cleaning... dug out the following antiques~ snapped some photos b4 I threw them away~

Iomega Zip Disk~! 100 MB... leh~! 10 years ago, in my Poly-days, these were like life-savers~! Everyone has one, or two, or alot, for our project works... until the day 128MB flash drives hit the market... It became history. I rememer a 100MB Zip Disk costs $15.80 in year 1999. Now, you can get like 2GB for only $11.00... talk about technology advancement...MRT card. Student monthly pass. Never seen this design before right~???My Bus Consession Pass!
I remember those days where these stamps can bring me ANYWHERE across Singapore... really miss those days when I was still a student...
MOTOROLA JAZZ pager~!!! This is still in perfect working condition okay~~~ I inserted a AAA battery in and the display screen lited up! I was still holding on to a pager until my Poly year 2, in year 2000, until I bought my first handphone. Kept this baby for nearly 10 years already.
25 January 2009
@ Century Square for Reunion Dinner.

Fa Cai Salmon Yu Sheng~
Double Boiled American Ginseng with Shark's Fin Soup... (Recommended!)Roasted Crispy Chicken with Homemade Sauce... (Recommended!)Deep Fried Prawns with Cereal...ONE SPOONFUL of cereal delivered right into my mouth.... Marvelous~
Braised Sliced Abalone & Bamboo Pith with Seasonal Vegetable...
Steamed 'Pating' Fish with Spicy Sauce...
Ramen with Minced Pork & Shrimp Wanton...
Chef will give everyone a nice performance of him making those ramen~! Nice~Lastly, complimentary dessert... Ice Longan Wolfberry Jelly~ (Highly Recommended!)@ Katong Floral Place (Beside Tanah Merah MRT Station)

After dinner was a trip to the florist to buy some potted flowers for the CNY~!Lotsa beautiful flowers~
Market rates...Lotsa yellow Chrysanthemums~we popped over the another Floral garden behind the earlier one... this place is bigger and boost more beautiful selection of flowers!Love these rounded species of Chrysanthemums~ so cute~
Cactus! Guess how big this cactus is?U might think its mini-sized...Lemme pose beside them for a size comparison... HUGE~~More pretty flowers~Mum eventually bought 2 pots of flowers at S$8.00 each...

Dunno wat is this flower~ ^__^
26 - 27 January 2009
Dong dong chiang~! Its CNY~! Took busy visiting to take picutures~ hee...

28 January 2008
Pappy wasn't feeling well, due to having eaten too many Bak Kwa bits... but he clever enough to find a comfortable spot to rest in.
Sis took him for a shower...

29 January 2009
Pappy looking well and clean, and in a pink shirt~!

30 January 2009
CNY festive mood... with lotsa food at home and no energy to cook anything... Maggi Mee is the best choice~ bury an egg underneath the piping hot noodles and you'll get a nicely cooked egg~

31 January 2009
@ Piggy's mum's place~! Happy Chinese New Year~!

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