Monday, February 16, 2009

February 2009: Part 1

February 2009: Part 1

1st February 2009
Woke to to 油条 breakfast~! Dad went and bought a huge packet of these~ nice~!
Nendoroid Kureha available for pre-order~! Dropped by my favourite toy store to place my order~ xDNatalung invited the usual gang over for Yu Sheng~ so I popped by and got to see them! Aries~!And Fuschia~! She has grown~! Last time I saw her was some 2 years ago~ Kawaii~!
4th February 2009
Mum's picking out birdnests~
Here's how it looks like when completed. One huge bowl of clean birdnest~Chinese New Year almost over~! Time to unwrap the hampers!Really love the treasure-chest looking box ~ really nice.

5th February 2009
Birdnest really for consumption! Mum used golden-rock sugar, so the color turned out golden~

17th February 2009
Mum dips more birdnests~ she's getting the hang of it already~close-up view; can see all the impurities and dust flowing above the water...
More birdnest soup~

9th February 2009
Tried out a plate of carrot cakes at a coffee shop along Ubi Road 3, its directly opposite the ComfortDelgro Service Centre. Pretty decent.
11th February 2009
Finally finished exam! Went to IKEA to check out a table for my sis... and I chance upon this... Solar Powered Torch Light... solar powered... Torch light.... WTF~@ Giants Hypermart...
This made-in-china Xiang Tian brand in-line skates... looks beautifully coloured and only selling at about $70...What's important is, technically speaking, it hass ABEC-7 bearings~ currently the best bearings around. This pair of blades is very ideal for those who want to learn in-line skating, but couldn't commit on a branded pair, which normally ranges between $250 - $400.Evening time~ woke up from a power nap (couldn't zzz the whole nite due to exam anxiety), and decided to take Pappy downstairs for a stroll~
12th February 2009
@ IKEA again...
This time round, I made up my mind to get this 'short' computer table for my sis~Back home... upwrapped the boxes and start fixing up the table...

Table frame...I almost wanna cry when I see flip open the instruction manual...Table legs...Table top~
Pretty straight forward...
Keyboard holder.... realised I need a drill for this... skipped fixing it.CPU holder...
this thing took a while~ darn screw doesn't really fit in-place....
This is for holding the cables in place... but apparently, the screw-holes doesn't fit exactly~ crap~so eventually, after over 2 hours~ its finally done~
Pappy goes on top for weight-test~
Random picture of Pappy~@ Kitchen~
Found a brand new box of Ice Cream in the freezer~ Mai Tu Liao...
13 February 2009
Love is in the air~
Went ChompChomp for this Egg Tofu~ I tell you, THIS IS GOOD~~~~~~
14 February 2009
Singapore Flyer~ Nice~ Will take again once the IR is completed.

15th February 2009
Went to pre-order Nendoroid Nagi~ so adorable!

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