Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nendoroid Kureha Release

Nendoroid Kureha Release
くれは ねんどろいど
Photos via Mikatan's blog.
Next on my pre-order list!
Due to release on May 2009 and retailing for 3500yen, Nendoroid Kureha is ready for pre-order already. I'm gonna pop by my favourite toy store next week.
rear view...Kureha can be seen here having her spirit sword draw out; the Yudzuka spirit sword and the Nichirin Resshin spirit sword.Hatsune Miku joins in...Hee... whoever's having more than one Nendoroid can always try interchanging the body parts around...


dias said...

The kureha is so damn cute lol!!

Mulhollands Falls said...

I like the bunny plant!