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January 2009: Part 1

January 2009: Part 1
Recapping the first two weeks of the New Year~

01 January 2009

Started the first day of 2009 with an awesome fighting movie by Donny Yen - IP Man (read: Yip Mun). Read more of this movie from my earlier post
Lunched at Pu Tien, a Xin Hwa dialect cuisine at Tampines Mall. Below is a nice plate of fried yam in sweet sauce. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and leaves a delicious sweet and salty after-taste. Must try.
This is one of the recommended dish - Cha Fen. Dun be fooled by the picture on the menu, I was shocked when it was served. The serving is HUGE~ Very light on the stomach - plain but with just the right amount of salt and leaves a sweet after-taste from the beancurd and prawns.
Pu Tien style Laksa - not your conventional Singapore Laksa. Also a recommended dish. I liked it better than the Cha Fen mentioned above. Also boasting a huge serving, this Laksa is a must-try too! (I ran out of Vocabulary... ^___^ )Oh~ I had a tea leave stalk floating atop my tea... signifies Good Luck in Japanese style~ wakakaka~
Dessert was Mango Ice Cream in Pumpkin puree. The combination is surprisingly refreshing! I will order this again!
02 January 2009
My new Fujitsu laptop finally delivered. Comes with a free bluetooth speaker and Laptop sticker.
L series, Model: L1010. Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.0Ghz, 3GB RAM, 250GB Harddisk, and running a 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium.
The Laptop sticker. Specially tailored to fit the Futjisu L-series notebook sizes. Love the checkered texture.
I even went through the trouble of covering the surroundings of the touchpad and buttons.
Love the white back-lite and the one-touch buttons to access the support-site; the Internet, Mail; Switching power modes; and Camera.Setting up took me the whole night.
07 January 2009
Dinner with Mummy at Kallang Airport market. Tried the Chicken Cutlet at a Western Food stall. Major Fail.08 January 2009
Accompanied Mum to the wet market... Here's mum's favourite fish stall.
Right beside... I witness the most horrendous scene... see that cage there? Toads.
Stall keeper is chopping them up. If you like to eat Toad/Frog porridge, you might want to skip reading this portion:

First, he grabs one and pins it onto the chopping board, holding it by the lower half. In one swing, off comes the head. Then he chops off the webbed hands and legs, one by one......then he dumps them on this tray for them to bleed to death, while he continue to grab more toads to chop their heads, hands, and legs off. After he chopped enough, he goes on to pull off their skin. I tell you, at this point, some of the toads are still alive. So they're literally skinned alive, or half-dead if you preferred. As he skins the toads, I can still see the legs of the toad trashing and wriggling about... then he pulls out the intestines... rinses the "still twitching" toad, and arranges it on on the ice for sale.

Yea, I watched the entire procedure... and I went for Toad porridge 3 days later anyways.
This is Putu Mayam (not sure if I spelt correctly), one of my favourite breakfast item. Yum! Bought a packet before I headed home from the Market trip.
Dinner @ Ngee Ann City food court. Unagi Omu Rice. Looks appetising rite~? Pretty good in the mouth too~! Was at Ngee Ann City to attend a sales pitch, and redeemed a pair of return air tickets to Phuket. Hee...
09 January 2009
@ Victoria Street Wholesale Centre. There with mum and sis to buy Chinese New Year stuff. Sis's picking huge pieces of Shitake Mushrooms.@ Waterloo Street (四马路). Hordes of people...Was there with mum and sis to buy CNY flowers~!
Love these flowers~
I popped by Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple (四马路观音堂) for a little prayer and a token of donation. Lotsa devotees there.
11 January 2009
@ Chinatown CNY Market. Super crowded, super warm there.But then again, its a once-a-year event, cannot miss! Bought lotsa sweets, nuts, and tidbits there! So much fun!
13 January 2009
@ Simei Eastpoint NTUC Fairprice. Accompanied mum there for grocery shopping. Got lotsa foodstuffs to stock up for the coming CNY. So busy~!
15 January 2009
My Adsense account finally hit the US$100 mark! Time to redeem it! Wakakaka. Will give my friends a treat.

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