Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lucky Star

Lucky Star
If you watch anime but never watched Lucky Star before, then you're missing out on ALOT. And if you've watched Lucky Star but never continue into the ending credits, then you're missing out on even MORE. Lucky Star didn't win the "Best Slice-Of-Life 2007" and "Best Comedy 2007" awards for nothing.

Wat's with the ending credits you ask? Well, below's a 1min30secs clip of episode 5's ending - the gals were inside a KTV room... and Konata Izumi sang...
(Konata's full version here; I laughed so hard).

What Konata sang was the opening theme song of Dragonball Z; the actual voice actor (also called Seiyuu,) was Aya Hirano. Can you imagine how hard she sang?
Original Dragonball Z opening video below:
Full version here.

I love Konata~ she rocks!

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