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5th April 2008

5th April 2008 - STRAUMANN PARTY
This is a very much delayed post; I was with an events firm earlier this year and here's one of the events I was involved in. My ex-colleague, Benjamin Ng (aka. Benji) was the one who planned for this event, while I was there as an events coordinator for additional help.

@ the Asian Civilisation Museum

the ACM is actually a spendid place to hold a party in, or a wedding dinner, if your budget allows for; Fullerton Hotel is just right across it, and pedestrian access is via this bridge.

Struamann had the function hall booked for a D&D. Here's the site at 12:00pm noon.

by 2:30pm...
the stage and its skirting is fixed up, and the backdrop wall is erected.
the gentlemen below are the Productions team of my events firms. Very experienced people with an attitude of their own. Hee...

oh, if you look closely, one of the guy below is using a hair-dryer on the wall; its to dry the white-putty faster, so the backdrop stickers can go up without further delay.

Pasting the vinyl sticker is a delicate process. The first piece is the most critical, as it sets the benchmark for the rest of the artwork to go up and along. A bad start could bring the whole job down the drains. If you think its easy, I tell you, I thought so too, initially - I tried and found out the hard way.
by 2:50pm...
Backdrop is done~ and up goes the rostrum and its wirings.
and Frankie's Audio-Team is on-site to test their equipment.
Here's the outdoor patio, where the cocktail will be.
One of the decorations on the bistro tables. The client has a very artistic side~
By 3:00pm, the party-site is near complete for the evening. Just a little touch up left here and there.
7:30pm onwards...
The guests have arrived. Mostly doctors and professionals in the dental industry. Outside the lobby, I was attracted to this pyramid balloon...
did I mention it changes colour? So beautiful~~~
and here's the outdoor patio in the evening. 3 huge balloon above.
Contact AirStar Space Lighting and look for Aylwin Ong (an ex-Hai Sing High senior) for more information if you're interested in engaging for those balloons.
the evening's buffet spread was so appetising I had to take a picture of it. If your budget is good enough, this company provides pretty good standard food catering and provides for decorations as well.
Contact Lavish Dine and look for Richie Ling (Manager) for more information. by 9:00pm...
Struamann's big bosses begins the lucky draw~~
we engaged the services of Annabelle Francis to emcee for the evening's event. Gorgeous young lady.
and the crowd looks on~~

and that's about it for the evening... pretty standard fair for a D&D.

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