Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tail gating…

I have not done it for a long time, but I did it again.

I am talking about Expressway-level tail-gating at the rightmost lane, those that pushes equally fast vehicles to go even faster, or to surrender by changing lane to the left to let you past.

Monday night, I was driving home from City Hall after class and as usual, 90 kmph along ECP on the 2nd right-most lane. Past Tanjong Katong exit, a very intense white headlight, apparently HID, high-beamed a couple of times from behind. Cars to my right started to change into my lane.

Curses, “@#$%, Never signal~, hate these drivers”.

Then from behind, the high-beamer, a blue Porsche Carrera fly past me.

“Wooo~ Pedigree~ 130 (kmph)?”

Then right behind, some 5 secs behind, a Mitsubishi (heavily modded) trying to catch up,

“110 (kmph)?”

What’s even amazing is this black 350Z tail-gating right behind… same speed.

“Hmmm! Fairlady got balls!”.

The scenario that I immediately gathered must be that this is something between the Pedigree and the 350Z, and this shameless Mitsubishi somehow decides to join in the challenge and is pathetically merely blocking the 350Z. I think the Fairlady driver must be cursing and swearing. Haha.

So what has it got to do with me? I floored my accelerator, confident with my 1800 cc auto, trying to do what I love most… block (with good intention).

Well, my plan is to travel at the same speed as the Mitsubishi and right beside the 350Z, so the 350Z is trapped amongst the Mitsubishi and me, unable to change lane to the left and overtake the Mitsubishi from the left. Hopefully, the 350Z decides to give up and I would have stopped a race. Good deed done. Yay.

But, as the accelerator kicked in (after a 1 sec delay), I just remembered 2 things:
1) My Full-tank yesterday just burnt me $80, fuel is expensive, use sparingly.
2) I got a supper appointment and I am hungry…

And so I went back to my standard 90 kmph… supper more important. xD

Wednesday afternoon, took a day’s MC (Chao-Keng one; I have my ways =p) and went downtown to run some errands… was on my way back along ECP again…

Well, traffic is light and there is this “Lau Pok Car” on the right-most lane… Just passed Tanjong Katong again and I recalled the Monday night saga… Somehow, something came over me and I switched lane to the right and started my tailgating…

90 kmph and going up… almost a 100 and I reach his butt… switched on my headlight and push~ the fellow refuse to budge but drives faster.

110 kmph and I reach his butt again… close~ very close, my left feet is already on my brake-pedal, ready anytime. Heartbeat increases and my palms became slighty sweaty.

Still refuse to budge? *switch on my Fog-Light*… Grr...

I tail-gated him for a long long way… until he finally decides to move out of my way somewhere around Bedok exit. Old fellow *Bleh~~*

Woo~, the feeling of dangerous driving… Shiok! And the feeling of putting an end to such dangerous driving… Even Shiok!

I tail-gated another one… =p

Well, not mentioning my idiotic actions any further, my opinions of Singaporean drivers is such that Singaporean drivers are very arrogant and selfish. They hog the right lanes, never give way, and are very lazy to signal.

Singaporean drivers have a lot to learn from Malaysian drivers – they give way to faster moving vehicles.

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