Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Point to ponder

Before I proceed to write whatever is below, I want to indemnify myself by declaring that I have no intention whatsoever to communicate any discriminatory religious comment and no intention to offend anyone or any groups, religious or not, and that I am not of any religious group or organization. I, myself, am neutral. No stand.

Bastard : 4 old-fashioned someone who was born to parents who were not married

-- (Longman Dictionary of Comtemporary English)

Below is a conversation I exchanged with my assistant one day in office:

Assistant: “How do you define ‘Bastard’?”

Me: “Eh, I think its a rather vulgar term used define a fatherless child”.

Assistant: “and what is its intention of usage?”

Me: “Hmm, to insult someone’s mother to being promiscuous? So much to the extent that the father’s identity is unknown?”

Assistant: “Good. Think Jesus”.

Me: “ ………….”.

That’s why I worship myself. I am my own GOD. No rooms for doubts.

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