Wednesday, August 08, 2007

F-Cup what?!

F-Cup Cookies. . . yes, thats what my colleague told me as I turn around and ask him again. What the. . . He went "now Singapore girls 有救了。 。 。presenting the F-Cup cookies. . ."
Well I know there's cream, there's lotion, there're pills, and I dunno what~ but now they invented these to come in the form of cookies! *flip white eyes*

I can't read Japanese. . . but from the chinese words (kanji) above, seems to read as:
  • Chest heavy... shoulders (sore)?
  • Breast surgery. . . dunno what. . .
  • Guys... sight... chest... gather... (what? More attention from guys on chest area?)
The ingredients perhaps?

Almost 2000 yen. . . thats approx SGD 35 a box! For cookies?!

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