Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Make a choice 2

Make a choice 2
(Original post by Dannychoo)
You are in a convenience store but only have 5 seconds to decide which mag to pick up before your bus leaves for the airport. You can choose 3 mags which will fit in the hidden compartment in your carry-on - customs wont be able to find it. Which do you choose?

My choice: #18, #19, and that "SPA!" mag on the top right.

Q's mind:
Speaking of which... boys have their needs for eye candy... so do gals~ these are natural instincts. With regards to eroge magazines, which category of guys do you find more able to accept as "Normal behaviour"?
  • Guys who buys anime eroge mags
  • Guys who buys hentai-level mags
    (pls do not mix-up anime with hentai, they're different).
  • Guys who buys real girls eroge mags
  • Guys who buys real girls hentai mags
  • Guys who buys BOYS eroge mags...

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