Saturday, June 21, 2008


In the war for customers... the one offering the best deals wins...

Currently, my contract with M1 has matured... I possess the POWER to move to whichever service provider I want, now that True Number Portability is in place. My number follows me.

In the past 6 months, M1 has sent me such $100 handset upgrade voucher THREE times, and followed up with a phonecall from their customer service officer, checking if I have recieved the voucher.

In the last phonecall, here's a rough recall of our conversation...
M1: Hi Mr. Yong, just a follow-up call to check if you have recieved the $100 handset voucher from us?

Me: Yes, I've received it. And this is the 3rd piece already, and I have absolutely no intention to use it.

M1: Oh? Mr. Yong, may I ask why you have no intention to use our voucher?

Me: I am disappointed with M1's promotions. Simply not agressive enough.

M1: Thank you for your feedback Mr. Yong. We'd also like to invite you to our M1 "You Deserve Better Fest" at Suntec City Convention Centre Level 3. The event is from 21st to 22nd June and you will find very good promotional deals from us.

Me: No, not interested. Too late already; SingTel and StarHub has already held such promotional activities at Suntec City last weekend. Where was M1?! Its too late.
(You're crazy man! I've barely survived that 1 whole week over that SingTel Megafair event at Suntec City last week. No chance am I going back there again!)

M1 = FAILED!!!
(Looks damn cheapo)

Which service provider do you think I will switch to?

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