Monday, December 03, 2007

Sightings: Pontianak in Tampines

Article from STOMP.
Picture taken in front of Block 846, Tampines Street 82, at around 11pm.

In the original email, it was said that last Wednesday (Nov 21), at about 11pm, the sender snapped this photo of a figure, that was apparently perched on a tree in front of Block 846, Tampines St 82.

In the email, the sender was apparently on the way home with a cousin, just a few blocks away from the abovementioned block.

Upon stopping at a traffic junction, the sender claimed to have seen "something" flying from a nearby school across the road and landing on a tree.

According to the sender, the playground in the photo, which was a popular hangout for teens, was unusually quiet that night.

The sender wrote this in the original email: "At Block 846, Tampines St 82...yes...just a few blocks away from my place...and the's just 11+...

"Strangely the playground is where teens like to hang out in large groupd but that nite is a 'Silent Nite' so to speak...when this pic was taken. u're's Wednesday nite...yes on the 21st...just a few days ago...

"Make ur own asumption...I saw what I saw n my cam doesn't lie it's no trick's 100% genuine."

Honda mentioned that anyone with enough sanity would have hastily left upon such a sight, instead of whipping out a camera and shooting a picture of it. I have to agree. What do you think?

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Unknown said...

maybe she thinks that the flash from her camera phone will blind the pontianak!