Sunday, December 16, 2007


7th Dec

At Tenah Merah Ferry Terminal. Very nicely renovated terminal! And a big smile from me before setting off~

On our way to Bintan... This fellow is Xiao-P, my secondary school buddy~
At the Villa... we found the BBQ pit! And the vanguard group has the pit hot and going already~
I wonder if we qualify for Toothpaste advertisements?

Gigantic prawns! Just look at its size! Ooo it tastes great~!

8th Dec

The Villa that I stayed in - Bouganville Villa unit 32 - comes with 4bed rooms, with beds good for 5 ppl (We squeezed in 9 ppl anyways...), 3 bathrooms (1 bathtub and 2 showers), a maid-room (more like mahjong room), a kitchen, a dining table, a living room equipped with TV and sofa, and a BBQ pit at the gardens~

Piece of advice: Get the Angsoka Villas, got private swimming pool somemore!
Not to forget, we got our own buggy too! Carries 5 adults well~ runs up to approx. 25 kmph.
Trip to the seaside first thing in the morning; weather's calm and waves are strong; good for some boarding fun. Only unforeseen thing is that the beach floor is covered with oil sludge... and these guys had a hard time washing away with diesel / petrol...

Luckily I didn't join them... holding the camera is good enough reason to stay dry...
And so~ I head for a morning dip at this BEAUTIFUL swimming pool~ xD
-photo courtesy of MJ's for taking this picture.
Afternoon, shuttle bus to Pasar Oleh Oleh~ arrangemenets can be made at S$6/pax from the concierge. 15 mins bus-ride...
Lunch at a cosy restaurant inside Pasar Oleh Oleh~ serves decent food at affordable prices!
Our meal damage: S$89 for a 10 course meal, includes fruits and drinks.

Stomach-filled = Happy faces!

Quite happy to see her again~ the mama shop cashier.

You will be doing yourself disservice if you dun stock up on your drinks supply here.
1.5L Mineral water at S$0.80 here (S$4 at the resort grounds);
Beer is at S$5 for 3 cans here (S$6 per can at the resort);
Kueh Lapis (large size) at S$19 here (S$40 at Bengawan Solo).

Outside Pasar Oleh Oleh... just look at how much we bought! Waiting for our shuttle bus to return. Oh, there is a new shopping village directly opposite! And there is a Haagen Das outlet there selling Chendol... can u believe that!?

Back at the Resort... Beach Volleyball! Lotsa bruises on the arms after that... hahaha

And in the evening~ nothing beats kicking back in the sofa, watching TV and enjoying an ice cold Heineken... oh oh, see that long sofa there? Its my bed for the 2 nights there. Best sleeping spot in the entire villa; some of their aircons upstairs are spoilt... xD

In addition, the above photo was taken using MJ's camera's remote control... I DIDN'T KNOW cameras come with remote control... eye-opener, really. Next time I buy a camera, remote control is a definate prerequisite.

9th Dec

Table-tennis! Xiao-P almost killed me with his smash-shot... he's good~ real good~

Next was billard... i holed the black ball for both games... wahahahaha... thanks to Xiao-P for parking them so nicely for me... kekeke

Xiao-P practicing his shots on the pool table... while i practice my shots (camera-wise) beside the pool table... Nice angle, no?

Back at the chalet, we got a visit from a Bintan Native... scavenging into our rubbish bin... this fella is slightly longer than a metre... stay clear stay clear...

Group Photo before departure... thanks for MJ's remote control!

and I pounced across.... wahahahaha

Before boarding the return ferry...

Nice teeth~!!! Heading for Bintan again? Definitely!

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