Friday, October 26, 2007

Q's Mind

Proclaimer: Today is when I just finished an examination paper, so I reach home feeling bloody tired. I dun feel like doing my usual routine of wat-i-usually-do-at-night stuffs, just have this feeling of “finally-got-time-to-sit-down-and-type-crap”.

Recently, I was chatting with my friend over at kopi… somehow, the topic came to discussions like “intellectual-level” and what kind of persons we really are… and how a simple thing like blogs and msn can be used to illustrate the situation. Then again, my thoughts might not really be true… its my own mind anyway, its my blog… Q’s Mind

Just speaking about myself, I told my friends before about how my own blog has “no depth” – the contents are mostly pictorial and whatever I type are kinda bimbo; no-brainer stuffs, tabloids, gossip, copy-n-paste contents. No serious stuff.

And immediately after saying this, I defended myself (from within my Q’s mind) with something similar to what is to follow:

There are 5 categories of people about blogs:
1) Normal bloggers: those who write about anything under the sky they feel like writing about (since it is their own blog) and telling every friends of their blog address. Nothing wrong about them.

2) Double standard bloggers: Those who spend hours after hours doing up BEAUTIFUL posts, then got too lazy after that and stopped posting for god-knows-how-long-more-before-the-next-post.

3) Lazy bloggers: Those who just lamely post pictures with an excuse of “a picture paints a thousand words” kinda stuff. Alternatively, just an occasional short post. Well, I suppose I fall under this category. Got to defend myself a bit; I blog for fun, for leisure, so I do not spend much time on a post. Time is precious, I rather save it for something else then wasting time typing out my life-story again. Kaoz.

4) Exclusive bloggers: Those who blog only for themselves, but shares only with good friends. So it is kinda of limited readership or if you would call “exclusive membership”.

5) Hypocritical bloggers: (Ah~ here is the main highlights.) Those who blog with ulterior motives. They spend time composing long~~~ essays, then perhaps thesaurus here and there (okay I thought this up), and translate the entire essay into something poetic, something high class, something “intellectual”, so they attempt to portray to readers that they are actually of this kinda “intellectual level”. Or perhaps they really ARE that intellectual after all. THEN they hope someone would READ their post.

Then, as I was typing the above 5 categories, it dawned on me that: “hey, aren’t myself composing long long essays? I DO hope some of my EXCLUSIVE readers will READ this post though. And after this post, I think I will be so tired from writing any new post that I should be out of action for a while. Or I will be back to posting lotsa pictures only.

Perhaps we all have traits from all the above 5 categories… just that our inclination differs and fluctuates.

Then I remembered one of my assistant as saying he saw this Japanese film… about how people in the society wear a mask… except for the lead actor… nice film… cannot remember the title… will lend to me once he burnt out. I understood what he meant. We all wear masks. Different type of mask as we face different set of people. I do that too. Humans are all hypocritical mask-wearers. But not that you or I can do anything about it. Life is perhaps about “patronizing others for your own future benefits”.

Coming back to blogs and msn, MORE specifically MSN, and about pretense, I noticed an increasing amount of MSN-users changing their nicks to something / some-matters which they want the WHOLE WORLD to know about, yet remained low profile over the exact same matter. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? I honestly confess that I am guilty in this.

When I first started off with MSN, I actually declared that my nick is ONLY going to remain as “Kenneth” and it WILL NOT change, so friends can recognize me immediately. Just look at my nick now…. “[24631-SIN-10M-OLC]”. Makes no sense right? Yes~ that’s the idea, a certain part of me wants friends to be curious and ask what it means. So I can brag about it. Perhaps it is my way of seeking for attention and concern from my friends. What about you? Aren’t we all a bunch of pathetic no-life Singaporeans? The very fact that YOU are reading off this blog, and that you have seen my MSN nick, would indicate that YOU have nothing to do at home thus reading off my blog, and that YOU have your own MSN account.

I have this friend whom I personally admire. His life is so meaningfully preoccupied with outdoor activities that he does not need to blog, nor read others blog, nor surf or MSN. Not logging onto the Internet for a week will not kill him, unlike us, or perhaps it is just me.

Returning to the topic on “intellectual level” and what kind of person we really are… I can’t really say much about how HIGH a person’s intellectual level is through just their blog’s content. Likewise, neither can anyone of you out there determine how HIGH my intellectual (geez, I kept typing this word wrongly!) level is from just my blog (okay, I dun like negative comments about myself, so you can save your breath).

But for sure, one can determine a person’s CALIBER for intellectual writings from their blog contents, just as what I feel from a particular blog I came upon recently.

In short, these people have shown that they CAN BE intelligent, but they are in fact NOT. (Well, maybe they really are high in IQ.)

In short, I have NOT (purposely) shown that I am intelligent, but I never say I am NOT.

At the end of the day, IQ is not what I am bothered about these days. EQ is more important.

And as to what kind of person I am? I dun know about myself either. I dun like to talk, but I like to think. When I have the time, I may perhaps pen my chain of thoughts, and then you decide for yourself what kinda person I am, and please, tell me.

Next post, I will be writing about “Friends”. How I classify them. My perspective. If I have the time, that is…

My thoughts might not really be true… its my own mind anyway, its my blog… Q’s Mind.

Its 1:54am. damn!

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