Saturday, October 13, 2007

Of Bows and Arrows...

Archers... gotta love'em.

Nope, not Legolas... nor Orlando; Elven Archers are SUPPOSED to be purely an elven-ladies job-class, at least in my opinion. Perhaps too much Warcraft influence.

But on the figurines and toys category, I have been wandering around the market in search of the nicest complete figurine around. Got to be cool, weapon holding, nice costume, not (too) skimpy, and dun protray any sort of suggestive/erotic/ demeaning pose of the character.

Well, until a couple of days back, I finally came to decision... for a start - Archers category. There aren't much on the market to begin with, so it will more or less restrain me from spending too much. Unless we're talking about Katana wielders the likes of the Natsume clan.

Kureha is the number one character that I can say "love at first sight". Its the costume I like.

Mina Majikina is the second Archer character around. The figurine designer did a good job. But I am comtemplating between the fair or tanned version of Mina. Her skin tone is supposely tanned, but I prefer the facial expression of the fair-version one.

Oh, and here's Kokuhen's works I took from his site.
Shimca super-imposed on a real Japan-scene. Its not just a simple shop-job of cut and paste, although the concept is like that.
I have personally seen Kokuhen do a quick-demonstration of his photoshop skills (without his template-pen). I tell you, 5 minutes of him working on the photos, with just his mouse, I need half-an-hour on it. I wonder how much he can do with his template-pen.

And here's a 1/8 Kureha. Collectors' and no longer available on the market.

Sometimes, I wonder why am I glued to these toys...

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