Sunday, September 17, 2006

Food Review>> Aji-Tei @ Bugis Junction

Alrite this "Aji-Tei" is another restaurant brand by Aji-San Ramen, and as much as I hate Aji-San Ramen due to my experience of super lousy customer-service at 2 different outlets + lousy quality of food + unhygenic environment (full of flies) the last time I ate Ramen there, this new "AJI-TEI" restaurant is totally different, totally cool.

Food is cheap and tasty, presentation has standard, environment setting is up to my standard. Hope they keep up the good work. Only thing i can comment is, their menu is full of Japanese words, but has english enplanation, but explain until no point, because in the end, u still dunno what they're talking about.

This was what I ordered> lotsa jelly and mochi + scoop of green-tea ice-cream + a puny little jar of honey, so cute!

And this is what HH ordered> Red Bean Soup with Tang-Yuan. Sweet, real sweet~ Oh, and the plate of red pickles there is sour; just in case the red bean soup is too sweet, u can eat the sour pickles to neutralise the sweetness. How thoughtful!

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