Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yay~ its the time for my company sample sales again!
Here's the highlights from the 1st day...

#1: MACYS - STYLE & CO petite [Ladies Basic Top] -reserved
For those with kissable shoulders and neckline~ comes with detachable brooch (gems not included since its a sample)

#2 CHRISTIE BROOKS girls [Ladies Round Neck] -taken
Ah~ mum was quick to pick this out! Wasn't for her, but since she like it, she can have it.
Was chosen because of the sleeve and bottom ends, and the workmanship.

just look at this... sweet~!

#3 MACYS - AEROPOSTALE [Ladies Hoodie] -reserved
Nice baby blue color for sweet sweet girl~ (its $40+ retail price, mind you... oh did I mentioned the price-tags are in USD?)

#4 CHAMPS [Hoodie] - while stock last (yea its singular)
Pure white~ no frills, no design, for those who simply like the warm and the comfort.

#5 ECKO UNLTD [Mens Jacket] XXL size - while stock last (yea, its singular)
Top quality stuff

ah... I remember getting Honda 2 pieces of this ECKO brand hoodies last year. . . each piece is worth over USD$70+

#6 I-forgot-this-brand-and-too-lazy-to-find-out-at-this-time [Mens Hoodie] XXL - while stock last (yea, its singular)

Camouflage design interior. . . very subtle... very tough-look.

#7 TARGET - PROSPIRIT [Development Sample; Hoodie] - while stock last (yea, its singular)

Neat workmanship, DUAL-ZIP system.

#8 FORGOT-THIS-BRAND-AGAIN-RANDOMNESS [Hoodie] - While stock last
Pretty comfortable. . .

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I've got the #1: MACYS - STYLE & CO petite [Ladies Basic Top along with other nice nice tops. Thanks!