Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Project Zero: Fatal Frame II - Crimson Buttery AMV

Song title: Lovers
Song by: Kathleen Battle
Lovers Instrumental: Used in the movie "House of Flying Daggers".

Q's comment:
Wow, this is one awesome clip! Why? Because it promises to sends shivers down your spine... if you ever bother to stream the entire 06:45 mins to watch, that is.

The Fatal Frame series have been a series that I never managed to pick up enough courage (and time) to really play it. Part one was eerie enough, then comes part two with its "Strangle Ceremonial" or watever the theme is. Too eerie for me to find out, but I made a promise to myself that I WILL play this game (afterall its just a game right? (^_^") )

Another chill-factor for this AMV is the song used. For those people who can "ta-han" those super high pitch "phantom of the opera" style singing, this is one you should not miss. The pitch was so high, my laptop's speakers almost snapped as it went outta tune. Kudos to [Anne Kelly] who created this AMV; its not just an "anyhow pick a favourite song of yours and plug in all those CG clips to fill up the timing" type of AMV created. The lyrics was very very meaningful from the perspective of the 2 sisters in Fatal Frame 2, and the timing of the video was very accurate as the lyrics are being sang out (my favourite scene is 02:15).

To reiterate, the song by itself sends a chill down my spine, both physically (because of the high pitch) and psychologically (because of the eerieness of the lyrics as you watch the scenes in the video).

Watch it, and tell me if you have been spooked.

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