Friday, June 15, 2007

Random pictures I just wanna share~

Got nothing to do. . . so i thought i might just wanna share some of the pictures I seen...

#01: My dog, Pappy!

(I have always tell my sis that she has NO CREATIVITY in naming pets. Everything is "boyboy", "gerger", or any sound/name that has to do with the animal, then multiply by 2". My rabbit at home was initially named "Tu-tu" or "ah-Tu" until I say she has no creativity. . . so the rabbit ended up being called "Pui-pui~" (fat fat). So this Papillion (read "pa-pi-lon") is named "Pappy". *Shrug*

Well I was meddling with my camera when Pappy was at my door staring up to me. So I just snapped its picture (the flash blinded him momentarily kekeke).

#02 Big Fat Pigeon!

#03 Monster pig

#04 Albino Wallaby

No, its NOT a Kangeroo. Its a WALLABY. Well, anything comes in Albino version. Looks like a big white rat with huge feet to me.

#05 Bank in your cash?

Not for this stash of black money though. . . mixture of greenbacks, euros and mexican pesos from methamphetamine trade. . . US$ 205.6 million in cash. . .

Nah I lied! Its MY own Stash of cash! I hid it in my "other" house. =p

#06 What every office needs

Comes in Carlsberg and Tiger versions too.

#07 So cute it melts your heart.

Came across this cute little picture some time back.

#08 Palm Isle - Dubai

Not a very nice island to visit. Why? Because its filled with filthy rich people. Eww~

#09 Red Wine Hotspring!

Where else? Japan! The hot spring is mixed with red wine ...

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