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Ouran High School Host Club

“Ouran Private Academy is defined by…
one, prestigious families, and two, wealth.
And prosperous people who have much time on their hands.
Therefore, this Ouran Host Club is about…
These handsome guys who have time…
giving hospitality to these lovely ladies who also have time…
and profit off of them.”

HH insisted that she is merely asking me to help her burn DVD, not introducing me this title, so I got all the episodes in my laptop now, from her. Well, you know, curiosity killed the cat. . . and yep, I have heard of this title and I watch the 1st episode. Here’s my comments. . .

1) The opening scene AMV featuring all the characters reminded me of all those girly girly mangas characters my sis watched (yes I said “watch” a book, because my sis dun “read” the Chinese text). The guys all have HUGE eyes that make them look like girls, pointed chins and V-shaped face, ghostly-white complexion, and super long slender legs. The colours used are all pastel blue, pink, red, pastel yellow, radiating the very soft feminine feeling overall.

2) Even the clock tower (which looked like Big Ben) is pink! The school compound and interiors sure gave off the very expensive look. Everything is gigantically HUGE. . . the library shelves, the window, the chandeliers, the ceiling art, the tall walls, wide stairways. Even the school yard is so huge I was thinking I will need rollerblades or bicycle to walk from the gates to the school building. Geez!

3) Okay, then comes the scene where the lead-actor opened the door to the 3rd music class. . . Noooooooo~~~ so many rose petals!!! And the boys inside are like glittering and glittering. . . (>,<). Handsome guys dun need these glitters glitters, it makes them look too glassy and gay! No doubt the boys have good facial look, but glitters glitters dun enhances them! Or do girls really like them (glitters glitters) around guys?!

4) And I like the way that the moment the vase came on air, there is this arrow pointing to it. . . blinking and blinking. . . telling us that something looks like its about to happened. Haha, humor.

5) And Tamaki speaks inspirationally with rose and glitters. . . ewww~

6) And the way Tamaki introduces the rest of the guys. . . arghgh, they all have rose-frames around them! And the glitter sound! ( >,<)

7) Well, the host-clubs seems like a tea-and-chitchat-club to me. I wun mind being a host as well (if I fit the “looks” bill in the first place, that is).

8) And~ Tamaki-kun sure has a way with the girls. . . lifting up their chins and looking into their eyes. . . then talking in those deep sexy tone. . . and surrounded (again) with roses. . .

9) Ah yes! I like the part where Haruhi came back with the INSTANT coffee. Tamaki went “Ohh! This is the type where all you need to do is to put hot water in it?” Haha so funny the way rich-people is depicted like this. . . and then everyone seemed to have gathered attention round this instant coffee and being awed by the wisdom of “commoners” who came up with such innovations since they dun have time to grind coffee-nuts.

10) And even more funny is when Tamaki said he will try the coffee, like it’s a brave act. And the audience went shocked and applauded for him. And I like the way Tamaki ask Haruhi to “make us some commoner coffee”. Wahahahahaha

11) Then there is this label “A Commoner Coffee Demo by a Commoner” as Haruhi went about pouring hot water. Damn!

12) And when the coffee is served, those rich girls were like wondering if they should drink such cheap coffee. . . wah lau~~~

13) And Tamaki really wins the internet: “Would you drink if we went mouth-to-mouth?” again, surrounded by rose and glitters, and the girls went squeaking away~ hahahaha

14) AND I hate the broke-back mountain behaviour between Hikaru and Kaoru. . . ewwwwwwwwwwwww (>_<) brotherly love is gay.

15) Honey-kun is not cute. I could kick him if no one is looking. =p

16) And Tamaki is very funny the way he went about explaining the existence of the host club. . . the way he turn, twist, glitter, rose, pose, stroke his hair, glitter glitter glitter… oh gosh~~~

17) And I love the part when Haruhi went “Obnoxious!” and Tamaki shrunk to a corner, white and ghastly, lonely but still with rose petal showering down. . . (where did all these petals came from anyways?)

18) And I also love the part where Honey-kun is asked to “eat the cakes, please”. Wahahahaha, I almost fall off my chair!

19) What follows is roses and roses and rose, until the part where Tamaki went “Handsome men can’t be hurt by water”. Wah lau, so over confident.

20) Hahaha, and when finally near the end when Tamaki found out she is a girl. . . the labels went “The Person who knew from the Beginning” and “People who noticed in the process”. And Tamaki went speechless. Nice humor. Haruhi is cute. But she looks better in the guy uniform (30,000 yen! That’s like S$450!!! Geez~)

Well, in conclusion, apart from Honey-kun and the brotherly love twins, the humor, the over-confident pretty boy behaviour of Tamaki, the cute Haruhi and the thick vectoring style of the anime, I will watch this title.

If there is one reason to offer, it’s the good humor.

Thanks HH.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! So many comments for one episode. Don't have to think too much for this anime. Just have a gd laugh. That's abt it. Hahaha..