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September 2009: Part 2

September 2009: Part 2
How time flies~ been very busy these period of time, so even my September post came a week late~ ^^||

16 September 2009
My bunny fell ill, so I was tasked to send it to the vets... did not realise that it hasn't been eating for the past 4 days... s0 when I carried him up to put into the carrier, I was shock by how light he was!
18 September 2009
Somewhere around Bedok... nope, not an accident, merely a bobo driver who drove his car up the island and lodged it stuck there... The fatso driver wasn't very happy when I went up there to take a photo... SJR 5485 K... buy 4D~
2:04pm~ I was back at the Vets again... Bunny's condition worsened, and now he has got an infection at the eyes... Poor thing...
8:43pm... Last day of the Hungry Ghost Festival... I was tasked to burn incense offerings at the void deck... Love spinning those incense paper... ^^
19 September 2009
If you happened to be at The Illuma (new shopping mall at Bugis), do meal out at EBISBOSHI SHOTENGAI Japanese Restaurant. There, you will be given an electronic pen where you can place your order directly on the menu, which is embedded with many sensory chips. Point on the Chawamushi and the pen reads out your order. Then select the quantity and press confirm on the menu! And your Chawamushi will be delivered in a couple of minutes! Pretty fun!
There are a total of 3 Japanese Restaurants there, each with a different theme... gotta try them out!
2:08pm~ Its the 1st day of the 8th Lunar Month~ so the Kwan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street (四马路观音庙) is packed with devotees~
20 September 2009
10:25am~ its a Sunday! Woke up early for Roti Prata cuz I have the cravings~ hurhurhur~
22 September 2009
11:11am @ Simei Eastpoint NTUC~ Grocery shopping with mum~ first stop is always to shop for chicken breast meat for my puppy~
23 September 2009
12:22am~ Supper time! Oh I wanna take this opportunity to introduce you guys this very tasty CQYD Instant Noodles - Tokyo Shoyu Flavour!
The ingredients inside comes packed with the usual MSG powder, a packet of Japanese shoyu, and a packet of air-sealed cripsy seaweed stripes!
Pour in the MSG powder with moderation... (my hand slipped and the whole packet went in ^^|)
Then pour in the Shoyu with moderation as well, cuz its very oily (my hand slipped again and the whole packet went it as well~ >.> )
Lastly~ top it off with the packet of crispy seaweed stripes!
Tada~! Belly nice~
6:22pm @ Jalan Berseh Food Centre~ just had dinner with the guys and thought I would top it off with an Ice Kacang! Yummy~
25 September 2009
5:21pm... Was at Honda's place again... Heading to Lavender Food Court at Foch Road for dinner~ Jalan Berseh is lined with lotsa food~
6:17pm~ checking out the newly opened City Square Mall right beside where Honda was staying... This is one kick-ass machine by Pepsi. Feed it cans or plastic bottles and it will reward you with a receipt (yea I was wondering out loud why do I need receipts for recycling rubbish) so you can redeem some points in exchange for Pepsi products~ Cool huh?
6:20pm~ Ever seen 2 men buying babies diapers?
28 September 2009
6:25pm @ Siglap Food Court~ was there specially to eat this Black Pepper Calamari~ Yummy stuff~
Tom Yum soup there was so-so only~
But the Pineapple Rice there is a thumbs up~
29 September 2009
5:09pm @ Changi Airport Cargo Complex... There for some work... Learnt some valuable lessons about buying things from overseas...
(a) Know what you are buying, inside out; (b) Communicate clearly; (c) Never assume.
These are Plummer Block Adapter Sleeves... the most critcal part that my supplier did not provide. I had to have these fly in from China... waste my money.
7:00pm~ @ Sakae Sushi restaurant @ Terminal 2~ ^^ Sunshine Maki~
30 September 2009
6:04pm @ Funan IT Mall's Running Labs. Honda was there to buy a good pair of running shoes. Service staff at the Running Labs was 100% professional. Makes lotsa sense to buy my next pair of running shoes there cuz the staff really knows their stuff... (pun not intented ^^ ).

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