Thursday, October 29, 2009

Recycle the Right Way

Recycle the Right Way
via Dannychoo:

Garbage separation is a big thing in Japan. Over here in Singapore, I reckon it will still take 50 more years before the people here are civilized enough to do it right.

The photo below shows a bag of rubbish thrown out without the proper separation done. The pink sticker is left by the disposal fellas which says "This rubbish has not been separated. Separate it properly and try again".
Until one manages to separated out their rubbish properly, the disposal guys will leave the bags at your doorstep, uncollected. If they find an address in the bag (e.g. from an envelop etc), then they will leave it at the address. Very soon, non-compliance residents will have a mountain piled up at their door steps.

This bag above needs the cans and bottles separated out properly. The labels and caps need to be removed and they should be raised in water too. Once separated, one should keep them at home and throw them out on recycle day.
Recycle day is designated depending on where you live, and each area usually has a chart on display out in the streets which tells you when burnables, non-burnables, recyclables, etc should be put out.

The below video shows how one should go about separating out their rubbish:

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