Friday, October 30, 2009

Brassieres are Un-Islamic

Brassieres are Un-Islamic
via SankakuComplex:

A hardline Islamist group in law-less Somalia has begun publicly flogging women for wearing bras, as they claim violate Islam as they are 'deceptive'.

The group responsible, the insurgent group of Al Shabaab, has sent gunmen into the streets of Mogadishu to round up any women who appear to have a firm bust.
The women are then inspected to see if the firmness are natural, or if it is the result of wearing a bra. If they are found wearing a bra, they are ordered to remove it and shake their breast, said residents.

Al Shabaab seeks to impose a strict interpretation of the Sharia Law all over Somalia have also banned movies, musical ring-tones, dancing at weddings, and watching or playing soccer. Now they declare that "breast should be firm naturally, or just flat".

A man was recently thrown behind bars after having wrestled with another man, who humiliated her sister by beating her and forcing her to remove her bra.

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