Sunday, May 20, 2007



I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this on the shelf! This is the famous Traditional Porcelain Pig Koro! Its an incense burner where Japanese use to burn incense during the summer to ward off mosquitoes~

I have been wanting to get this for a long time!
(No way I am gonna tell you where I bought this >p ; even if I do, sorry, I wiped off the shelf clean of all these Pig Koros.)

Aren't they cute~? I bought 3; one for HH, one for myself, and one more for any lucky friend who's gonna celebrate birthday. However, after taking this picture, I have decided not to separate them. Both look so cute~!

Got this "bao" from HH; bought from The Central. HH told me to eat this after my shower. . . well, I just came out from shower and enthusiatically started writing this blog-entry. . . lemme try it and tell you how it taste...

*Grabs packet. . .*
*tear. . .*
*smell...* smells like chinese "bao"...
*lick...* oily surface... (>,< )
*bite!* Hmm...

The white skin is crusty and thin; the inside is filled with thick rich red-bean paste with a tingle of japanese rice-wine! Ooo, so sinful~!

Oh well, since I am snapping pictures away at home, I might as well take the chance to show-off some of the cute little things I have bought...

Little black devil handphone beanbag... simply adorable...

And I am the proud owner of this cute little handphone! Only L:9cm, W:3.5cm, 1.5cm thick!
MP3 phone and Micro-SD memory-card expandable!

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