Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Yea~ its Mother's Day. I know (becuz HH told me before), so Sunday i took my mum to see her mum. . . xD

As usual, grandma asks for HH. So did a couple of my aunties. Wish she was here too, but I know she has her mom to accompany as well =)

Lunch was a nice buffet, i was hungry by then anyways. . .
Menu includes. . .
1) Fried-rice
2) Green Green Broccoli with Mushrooms (=__=)
3) Ebi Tempura (Yummy!)
4) Mutton Curry
5) Soon-Kuay with Sweet Sauce
6) Fried-fish with sweet & sour sauce
7) Curry Samosa (Yummy)
8) Chocolate Eclair (Yummy!)
9) Chilled Mixed-Fruit Dessert (peach/sea-coconut/pineapple/longan/cherry/nata de coco)
10) Fruit cordial drinks

Oh did I mentioned that my 4th uncle does such buffet catering for a living? so recently, all my past 3 HDB buffet were serviced by him! Next time I got buffet, I will call him too, cuz the food is good, and got money let own ppl earn better mah hor?

Whole afternoon there. . . so bored until the Chinese Vampire (Jiang-Shi) show aired. Very old film, but never failed to make people laugh. My favourite!

Well, dinner was the same buffet food too. . . (=_=) to my dismay. Ate a little before heading home.

By 6:45pm I am already at THL's place. . . there for dinner outing.
Ended up we called-in KFC and watch The Condor Heros (i was so~ tempted to write "God-Eagle-Swordsmen-Couple xD ).
3-guys on THL's bed eating KFC and watching TV - one of the few things in life you will remember for a long time~ scandalous. . .

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