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2D1N Trip to Johor Bahru: 2nd

2D1N Trip to Johor Bahru: 2nd
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7 November 2009 @ Johor Bahru for some shopping~!

11:53am... Booked for a stay at Mutiara Hotel Johor Bahru, solely for its proximity to Holiday Plaza (its literally side by side).
Here's a view of the hotel lobby...
However, even at 11:55pm, we were not granted access to our rooms. We were told that we can check in, but the room will not be ready until 2pm. Like wtf reason is that?! Minus 5 points from Mutiara Hotel.We walked over to Holiday Plaza, which is just right beside the hotel... here's a newly opened shop selling cosmetic and beauty products...
Holiday plaza also has many shops selling gorgeous ladies shoes and heels at very affordable prices~
1:23pm~ finally checked into our room #809... ( -_- ). Eerie looking corridor...
Bed is springy and definitely not comfortable. Only 2 pillows and 1 spare one in the drawers. Uncomfortable pillows.
Room looked old and in need of revamp... the bedcover looked disgusting... we'd rather the bed cover is white. Carpet is definitely old and damp.
Furniture inside the room tells you that you've been ripped off the amount of money you paid for a 5 stars hotel. Its much worst than a chalet.
Standard stuffs....
Mini bar looks lame. There is no complimentary free mineral water. Minus points for Mutiara Hotel.
5 Stars Hotel and we got an 18" CRT TV hidden in an old TV cabinet with creaky doors...
Built-in cabinets in the wall, but only 1 piece of bath-robe. No room-slippers.
Standard built-in safe.
Bathroom at least is huge.
... and comes with Bathtub~ ^^ however, the tap dislodged from the wall the moment I pull it... and the hand-rail on the wall is very loose too.
Generous toiletries on a rusty tray...
We headed for Danga City Mall... supposedly the main feature and attraction there is the Digital IT Valley that they so advertise on the website.... will officially open on the 13 November 2009. So we were there like 5 days ahead... but upon reaching there, we were appalled by the progress of the renovations that were still on-going in literally 70% of the shops... EPIC FAIL. Its a GHOST TOWN!
3:37pm~ We took a taxi to Bukit Indah Jusco~ ^^
Darn hungry~ so we stopped by Sizzling StoneGrill for lunch ^^
Chose the 2-persons Seafood Combination set and we got prawns, fish, and calamari~
It was perfect for hungry people, cuz the hot stone really requires diners to cook their food fast before the stone cools off... so its kinda cook-fast-gobble-em-down kinda experience~
After-lunch was a nice cuppa kopi siew dai~ ^^
Things are cheap inside JUSCO! Where else could you get good quality men's socks at only RM 8.00 for 2 pairs?
We still preferred the JUSCO over at Terbrau City~ its definitely bigger.
One thing I like about there was that they chunk similar shops together... you get one whole row of cosmetic shops....
These are also cosmetics...
... and one whole row of ladies heels and shoes shops... (I counted like 6 shops.... )
... and all the dining are lumped together too~
JUSCO is so unlike shopping malls in Singapore where you literally can't find any places to rest your feet ... there were benches everywhere and they're all empty... dunno why~
8:21pm~ we took a taxi to Taman Perling - Alam Seafood Restaurant... unlike Todak Restaurant at Megah Ria on the east coast, this one is near the west coast. Its not as crowded as Todak, so it was easy finding a table... (we could take our time to choose tables too!)... and there are definitely HUGE Sri Lankan crabs~ ^^
Coke is such an all-time favourite~ ^^
Oh, here's their pet monitor lizard... this fella here is at least a metre long...
Here're all the fresh catch~
HUGE crabs looked so delicious~
1 Kg for RM 80.00~ cheap?
Tofu Soup with Salty Vegetables~ Yummy~
Cereal Prawns~
Our 850grams Black Pepper Crab!
Compare the Coke can I placed beside... the Claws are humongous!
How can we miss the chance to take a shot with the signboard?
Remember the name hor~ This place is near the Sungei Danga area... just in case I forgot to inform you... beware of dogs... there's a huge rottweiler lurking somewhere there...
Back at the hotel... here's the view of area from above the hotel.... ( -_- )
Breakfast was satisfactory... Never try the Roti Chenai there... never good, never will be.
I love eggs~
Oh there's a Spa venue across the road / hotel that operates between 11am - 11pm~ gonna explore there a little next time...
3:01pm the next day @ Sushi King at City Square~ Lunch was a spread! A meal of premium sushi only came up to slightly more than RM70~ xD cheap~
5:22pm~ finally back in Singapore! Will be back to JB for more shopping next time!

Just a rough breakdown of the expenditure:

Local Malaysian snacks: Rm 30.00
Yokoso Shiyuki - Mirror: Rm 8.00
Lunch @ Sizzling Stone Grill: Rm 68.65
Old Town White Coffee 2 cups: Rm 6.40
JUSCO Hypermart Shopping: Rm 20.45
PADINI Concept Store - Ladies Top: Rm 59.50
Ladies Heels: Rm 59.90
Men Sandals: Rm 39.90
Dinner @ Seafood Restaurant: Rm 103.20
Salon Hairwash & Treatment for 2: Rm 240.00
DVD (Hong Kong Dramas): Rm 48.00
Lunch @ Sushi King: Rm 67.60
Taxi Fares to all places: Rm 79.00

Grand Total Expenditure: Rm 830.60

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