Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hong Kong: Special Service

Hong Kong: Special Service
via SankakuComplex:

A certain 'non-culinary menu' comes to light along a Mongkok backstreet (Hong Kong) advertising with fanciful description the cost of various ladies from different nationalities and characteristics.

Comes with AIRCON too!
HKD 250 is approximately SGD 48.50~

The post attracted up to 120 comments (till date) on Sankaku over the discrimination/favoritism of different nationality girls versus the local China/HK varieties, as well as questions of whether customers can "upsize" their meals or "have it with fries and coke"...


Funny videos said...

I do not understand Chinese language. Can you brief in English.

[Q] said...

to Funny_videos: tks for reading my blog! U might wanna visit SankakuComplex (source) for the complete translation, I hope to give the credit to them.