Saturday, September 29, 2007

China Hong Kong Trip

Got lazy. My blog is supposedly pictorial base and less of words. No time to write. Lazy Lazy Lazy. So i might as well just post pictures:

Here's how the streets outside Long Quan Hotel looks like: Hazy hazy, atmosphere has a yellowish hue... heavy pollution here.

Night time, this area is full of vice activities. Those illegal taxi (motorcycles) are ferrying "girls" around, to and fro hotels / motels. How I know? Takes an idiot to not know.

See this huge carpark entrance? To the right, its the High-Class Night Club. All 4 levels of it. Then above it, mens water SPA, and going higher are the hotel rooms. What makes this street safe is that, every 50 metres apart, you will see a security guard. Not those fat fat lard you see in Singapore, but fit young men. You dun see FLs walking around, it seems that the vice activites here are controlled by someone behind the scene. I only see the FLs being ferried around by the usual motorcyclist group (easy to remember their faces), but I have not seen where they came out from.

Here is a normal street scene: left hand drive, so approaching vehicles came from the left.

Below is at Kam Hing Textile factory: You have seen tags on clothes with "90% Cotton and 10% Spandex" and such right? Well, here is how they are made.

This whole machine here looks like a UFO. The rolls of threads around it are all feeding threads into this machine; part of it are "Spandex" - very fine elastic thread that almost resembles that of spider webs. These are what gave fabrics their elasticity. The centre portion are all the needles, thousands of it. Here is where you bother about "thread-counts" the higher the thread counts, the finer the fabric feels.

Inside the cage at the bottom is the final product, the fabric. It keeps turning and turning as the thread above forms into this fabric. Do you know? - Fabrics are made in cyclindrical shapes, they are not made a straight flat piece. You have to slice the fabric roll in centre to open them up to become flat.

Below is Fleece in the making: The pink fabric goes through 4 segments of brushing machines (international standard is 5 segments) to get their fabric brushed out, to become Fleece fabric. This machine is lotsa fun.
Below: see those rolls of white toilet paper look alikes? Those are white color threads. They are all stacked atop one another, very very tightly. Each of this huge cartridge weights a few hundred kilograms.

The cartridges are hauled up and inserted in these huge barrels below, where the dye colors are injected from the inside. Because they are stacked so tightly, the dyes have to force themselves out from within the threads, so what we get are very evenly dyed threads.

Heres the final product. Nice right?

This is a view I took from level 6 of the complex. Kam Hing Textile is HUGE. They have 3 buildings, each 7 - 8 stories high, al handling different processing in the manufacturing of fabrics. This area is very hot and stuffy. My GM said I was lucky already, because during Summer, this area can reach 40+ degree celsius! Kam Hing even has its own power-station. In events of electricity shutdown, which is common in Guangzhou due to its ever increasing energy demand, Kam Hing has a barge full of coal, where they will power up the steam power station and provide energy for themselve. Talk about self-sufficient!

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