Saturday, September 29, 2007

Back in Hong Kong...

Back in Hong Kong on thursday night finally!
Heres a couple of scene directly outside my hotel - Guangdong Hong Kong Hotel. This is along Prat Ave, and surroundings would be Granville, Kimberly, Cameron, and the main Nathan Road.

I am merely 10 seconds outside my hotel lobby and here are what greeted me: Billard salons, Hot Spring Suana (with ladies outside the door pulling you in), pubs, night clubs, massage palors. Phew~!

Did take much pictures, did want ppl to know I am not local.

Friday evening, Agnes and Ann took me out to take a bus ride! Their buses are nice, better than SBS standard. Just 1 straight road down Nathan Road. If you can conquer Nathan Road, you would have seen lotsa things already. Lotsa neon lights, lotsa advertisements. So fun! xD

Dinner time! Agnes' treat. Ann is the one with long hair and glasses.
Pumpkin rice, coconut juice and prawns.

And a nice scene of Hong Kong! So happy!

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