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26 August 2009 in Fukuoka

26 August 2009 in Fukuoka

4:50am (Fukuoka time: 5:50am)... Woke up to my alarm... Up super early to catch my return flight to Singapore... I was surprised to find the sky so bright when I fling open the curtain in the morning~ perhaps its called Land of the Rising Sun for a very good reason huh?5:22am~ luggage all set~!
5:28am~ I always look forward to these rice dumplings~ ^^
Breakfast started to look the same after so many days~ but I still enjoyed them~
6:56am~ arrived at Fukuoka International Airport~
the Departure Hall appeared more spacious than the Arrival Hall~
... somehow it reminded me of the Hong Kong Airport...
I usually make it a point to take a shot of the Main Board...
Return Flight SQ655~
Not much shops inside the airport worth mentioning..
The duty free shop was pretty large for cosmetics and perfumes though~
There was only a little gift / souvenir / snack shop at the waiting area for passengers to do their last minute shopping or to use up their remaining yens~
... and for the hungry people.... a cafeteria for coffee, tea, bread... etc~
7:43am~ Flight was for 8:15am~ so its almost time~
I was actually enjoying the airport announcement where the air stewardess went announcing in Japanese the respective flight numbers and instructions for passengers to board....
9:15am~ reading the Singapore Straits Times to catch up with local news~
Oh I spent the 6 hours catching movies after movies on the flight back~ and I wanna take the chance to recommend this movie called: GOEMON.
A film directed by Kazuaki Kiriya, and starring some pretty handsome dudes, and Honda's old favourite Ryoko Hirosue~ ^^
To me, its a very enjoyable film~ CG effected to the very best~ Think a combination of Tenchu, Storm Riders, Ken & Ryu, Final Fantasy Advert Children, Naruto, Yijimaei and many more~ even big names like Hattori Hanzo was involved~ cool huh? I must get my hands on this DVD~ and yes, original~ ^^

More official trailer...

3:16pm~ Back in Changi Airport~ ^^
Home sweet home~ oh, thats my sister there... running away when I pointed my camera at her...

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