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BALI 2009: Day 4

BALI 2009: Day 4
02 May 2009

9:19am... Breakfast at the restaurant...
The restaurant at the Ramayana Resorts and Spa is pretty much open concept... you can see the roads from the restaurant...
and also the shopping areas across the road...
Its hard to miss Ramayana Resorts and Spa cuz its overly prominent a building at this junction...
9:54am... went back to Kuta Beach one last time... just look at the waves...Perfect for surfing... and here's where I lost my spectacle to the waves...
11:14am... @ Ngurah Rai International Airport... Our flight was scheduled at 12:55pm...
So we had the resort send us over by 11am... for early check-in...
We checked-in and headed inside for coffee... the resort's coffee sucks... so we were happy to see Coffee Bean~ ^^
The Chicago Cheese Cake looks more yellowish than milky white... puzzling...Polo Ralph adjoins Coffee Bean...

For the info... referring to my trip to Samarinda, a piece of Polo Ralph Polo-T at the Balikpapan Airport cost Rp 241,000 (approx. S$30.00), but it cost 3 times as much at Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport... some Rp 650,000 +/-Macchiato~ Best coffee I've had in days~
Cheers~ ^_^
12:38pm... almost 20mins prior to our flight at 12:55pm, the airport announced that our Air Asia Flight was delayed... and the next flight's timing is 3:15pm~!!! Then the staff moved swiftly to distribute these McDonald's lunch meal to us...
Well~ a hungry man is an angry man~ gimme food and I'll quiet down~ keke~ McDonald's Rice.. no, not Rice Burger, just Rice... packed neatly like a burger... and a piece of Fried Chicken...
McDonald's Sambal Chilli...
1:58pm... there isn't much things to see at the airport...
most of the shops sells these Balinese stuff...
I was bored to tears~ ( T_T )
2:31pm... Enjoyed an ice cream off Baskin Robbins~ Yummy~
Airport Tax costs Rp 150,000 per person and yes, you have to pay up...2:39pm... at the waiting area...
3:02pm... finally boarding the plane...caught a plane landing...
3:26pm... taking off~ nice view~!
I had my camera on hand throughout the flight... so there're still many more photos of the aerial view to come... so bear with me a little ya? ^_^||
Some volcano in the distance...
Love these fluffy clouds... like candy floss~!
We flew closer to the volcano...
3:41pm... Flew past over another volcano~ love this picture~
Beautiful isn't it?
Flew over the top... and I zoomed in with my camera... (I was suddenly reminded of the FF7 where you'd need a Golden Chocobo to reach this place to attain the Knights of Round material...)
Spectacular view~
some random shots...
Some golf resort below...
Looks good~5:47pm... finally touchdown at Changi Airport... Home Sweet Home~ but I wanna travel again~!

Here's a Summary of my Bali Expenditure:

Air Asia Flight for 2 persons : SGD 740.00
Ramayana Resort & Spa 3 Nights Stay : Rp 3,394,050

Day 1
A & W Lunch for 2 persons : Rp 84,200
Bottles Drinks @ Matahari Supermart : Rp 52,125
Board Shorts for Honda : Rp 175,000
Board Shorts for Thomas : Rp 460,000
Board Shorts for Myself : Rp 247,500
2 cans of Coca Cola : Rp 20,000
Taxi back to Resort : Rp 13,100
Fried Duck Rice via Room Service : Rp 72,000

Day 2
White Water Rafting for 2 persons : Rp 800,000
2 cans of Coca Cola : Rp 17,000
Fried Rice + Coconut Juice for Dinner : Rp 97,000
2 Bali Hand-Made Singlet : Rp 200,000
2 Shorts : Rp 150,000
3-hr long SPA for 2 persons : Rp 450,000
Tip for masseuse : Rp 50,000
Ice Cream cones for 2 persons : Rp 30,000
Bottles Drinks @ Matahari Supermart : Rp 245,000

Day 3
WATERBOM Theme Park for 2 persons : US$39.10
Wristband for Cashless payment : Rp 5,000
Lunch in WATERBOM park : Rp 94,000
SPA @ WATERBOM for 2 persons : Rp 256,000
Tip for masseuse : Rp 20,000
3 Magnets + 1 Keychain as souvenirs : Rp 132,000
Lunch @ Coffee Bean : Rp 148,000
Toy Air Gun : Rp 40,000
Honda's 2nd pair of Board Shorts : Rp 60,000
Chun Ling's 1 Dress + 1 Singlet : Rp 110,000
Body Board rental @ Kuta Beach : Rp 50,000
Bluefin Teppanyaki Dinner for 2 persons : Rp 322,619

Day 4
Coffee Bean coffee for 2 persons : Rp 54,000
Ice Cream @ Baskin Robbins for 2 persons : Rp 90,000
Snack from Matahari Supermart : Rp 24,500
1 can of Pepsi aboard Air Asia : Rp 15,000

Total Expenditure
Rp 7,978,094
USD 39.10
SGD 740.00

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