Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My First 10Km

My Results!

My running information were captured in the championchip I worn on my shoe during the run, and the organisers dedicated a website for runners to check their personal information.

Time taken to complete = 1h:9m:54s (gun) / 1h:7m:48s (net)
Route: Start off from Esplanade, into Raffles Place CBD area, past Lau Pat Sat, up ECP ramp, down into Marina South area, U-Turn point within Marina South area, back up onto ECP ramp, down into Prince Edward Road, past the other side of Lau Pat Sat (Robinson Road), into Raffles Place CBD area, Ending point at The Padang (in front of City Hall).

Result in Division place = 365th place / Result in Gender (Male) = 2151st place

My Average Km = 6min 47 sec / My Average Speed is 8.8 kmph
My Actual running situation: 6Km non-stop (thats my limit) --> 500m walk to the next drinking point (Tyre puntured liaoz) --> Continue running the remaining 3.5Km

If you look at the below map, the WHITE route belongs to the 10Km route (the blue being the half-marathon). The Yellow arrow points at MY LOCATION when the Division Winner crossed the Finishing Line at 1h:0m:9s (and I am like over 7 mins behind...)

Unfortunately, I was unable to find my own marathon photos on the Marathon-Photos.com website. Got to search through a huge chunk of photos that were unidentified (due to obscure Bib number). ( T_T )

Lets take a look at the Full Marathon (42.195km) Winner...
Completion Time = 2h:14m:22s and an insane Average Speed = 18.8 Kmph !

Thats what is takes to be a Marathon Winner huh!
So~ any one for Dubai 2008 next month? Registration opens till 31st December 2007. . . (~.^)


My thoughts on the drinking station:

Damn waste of paper cups; its like a HUGE heap of cup mountain, and the Blanglah workers were like sweeping non-stop. I had my share of entering twice into the drinking station lane. Grabbing a cup of ice water WHILE running is not easy; I ended up spilling half the cup onto my pants and shoes.

In addition, many runners were rather inconsiderate; they zip in and out of the drinking station, cutting into your path narrowly, increasing the risk of tripping over them. After passing a couple of drinking stations, I learnt to veer off to the other side of the drinking station for safety reasons.

Also, the ground is very wet and full of used paper cups, all trampled flat; not all the runners threw the used cups to the side of the road (where the main mountains are). I witness several runners skidding a couple of inches when they stepped over them. Kinda dangerous.

Worst, some runners thought they are like Champion Marathon Runners; they grab the cups of water, took a sip, and threw the remainder OVER THEIR SHOULDERS... Without a heck whether or not there is another person behind! I had this fella in front of me who poured 2 cups of ice water over his head, while I had to "siam" outta the way of the water that came splashing towards me. Wat the heck?!

Towards the last drinking station was rather funny; its the ONLY station that serves 100PLUS. And the volunteers were hollering "100PLUS~ 100PLUS~ ...", guess what, 90% of the runners ahead of me veered into the drinking station lane. Wahahaha, I am suddenly running through Robinson Road alone, the whole street to myself. Nice feeling, really.

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